USS ADAMS Museum – Donations and Wish List

Greetings USS ADAMS Museum Supporter

ADAMS UPDATE. The USS ADAMS Museum continues to sail forward and make waves as we get closer to BRING HOME THE ADAMS!

I hope you are seeing and enjoying the Public Service Announcements about The USS ADAMS Museum on WJXT/Channel 4, The Local Station, our media partner. Watch the PSA online at

Clarification: Some of you may have seen that the “funding” for The USS ADAMS Museum was vetoed by the Governor of Florida a few weeks ago. Good News, THIS IS NOT TRUE!

The funds were NOT the primary funding for our project. Additionally, the veto had nothing to do with The USS ADAMS Museum and the funds we would have received was going to be an un-budgeted, bonus resource for capital funding. The JHNSA has yet to receive any public funding. The entire effort to BRING HOME THE ADAMS! has been funded by the private community; folks like YOU! Thank you very much! Once JHNSA takes ownership of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) in late 2015, more public funding opportunities for this future National Historic Landmark will be available. Read more here.

MAKING A NAVY WARSHIP MUSEUM. Transitioning a warship into a dynamic attraction is a significant undertaking. Over the last two weeks, we acquired a substantial amount of shipboard materials and damage control equipment from the ex-Navy Display Ship, USS Barry (DD-933). We also accepted a terrific collection of one-of-a-kind artifacts from an ADAMS-class warship, the USS Conyngham (DDG-17) ship and crew. Read more here.

WISH LIST. Wish lists are very important in helping nonprofits meet their operational needs and educating supporters on ways they can get involved. As we move closer to bringing home our ship, we have several opportunities for thr community to be engaged in our project. Can you help us with any of the below items? If so, please contact us at Click here to see the whole list:

1. Warehouse Storage. We have an immediate need for approximately 400 sq. ft. of temporary warehouse-like storage to house our recent donation and future acquisitions of non-hazardous, shipboard materials, artifacts and display equipment until we can exhibit them on board the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2).

2. Project and Committee VOLUNTEERS. During our pre-staffing period, we need volunteer project leads to manage several efforts and projects. Opportunities include: Volunteer Program Manager, Membership Campaign Manager, Membership Fulfillment Volunteers, Website Content and Blog support, and Fundraising and Event Manager. If you are interested PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP!

3. Corporate Sponsorship. If you are part of a company or know of a company that is committed to giving back to the Jacksonville community and want to be a part of the future of Downtown then we would love to speak with you about sponsorship, partnership and cross-marketing opportunities at every level.

4. Volunteer Docents at The USS ADAMS Museum Visitor Center/Ship’s Store. The JHNSA has operated an USS ADAMS Museum Visitor Center (VC) and Ship’s Store in the Jacksonville Landing for the last six years. If you live locally and can spare 4 – 20 hours a week (try it once and see if you like it), this is a great way to volunteer in a cool, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

5. Office Supplies. Our office is periodically in need of general office and administrative supplies. If you have any office supply store gift cards or general supplies (such as printer paper, tape, storage containers, etc.) that you could donate to us then please let us know.

CROWDRISE. NOW is the time to DONATE to BRING HOME THE ADAMS! So far, we have raised $34,938 of our $250,000 fundraising goal. If you have not visited our online fundraiser then please do so at Every donation gets us closer to raising the funds we need to bring the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2) back to Jacksonville and create a world-class attraction that will be cherished for generations to come.

Thank you to the following for your donation:

       Tom Topkoff Henry Moreland
       Dave Cox, YN2, DDG-9  College Retirees Association
       Peter McDermott, ET2, 1967 Lucian Maddox, EM2, USS Hoel
       Wylace Vincent Bill Bishop
       Ron Burns Enterprise Holdings Foundation
       Mike Scofield, FTG3
If you have not donated yet, PLEASE consider making a donation to our project and encourage others to support our cause. We are closing in on completing our mission and we need all hands on deck to see us through to the end. Together, we can and will BRING HOME THE ADAMS! – V/R – Commodore Joe.